It all begins with the Greek light.

Mani… the roots, the origin, the references.

Aegina… the summer, the holidays – with a bike, a pareo and flip flops.

Syros… the coming of age, the love, the love in return, the aesthetic, the blue, the art.

Everything is inspired by the Greek light and the strength that is born by it.

Danny’s relationship with clothes goes back to the very early years of her childhood. She was diving into fabrics, scarves, foulards, robes and dresses, creating mostly for her mother and grandmothers. The result was always one: finished garments for them to wear.

This kept going as the years passed. Roads and life brought her to Syros and, while still pursuing her studies in the Navy, she started crafting and planning the idea for a collection of her own, with a second degree in Design and Fashion.

And that is what happened…

A few years after her graduation and with experience in design and pattern, she creates her own brand.

Clothes based on simple and classic forms with the imprint of today and frequent references to the past. With details that make each piece unique in its simplicity. The fabrics add their own touch to the process, by becoming influences for the materialization of the patterns.

Danny’s aesthetic exudes a contemporary air, characterized by light textiles and colour combinations – hence the close attention paid to their choice and their prints. Both the elastic and the non-elastic lines aim to reveal the most flattering features of the female body, offering a fresh and strong personality to each creation.

That’s what distinguishes the look – the final result… It is an idea that is brought to life, acquiring a form and a story, just like a “concept”. Because a garment’s character is defined by the place and the way it is worn…

…and each Danny Andreakou piece is created with this principle in mind. The foundations, the references and her sources are a blend of tradition, ancient and current civilization, contemporary art and fashion. Her philosophy is based on simplicity and the essence of freedom. You do not have to follow the fashion trends, and neither to try too hard for attention, to show your uniqueness.

Danny Andreakou’s creations aim to enrich each moment with authenticity and emphasize inner beauty.